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What Is A Flat Fee MLS Listing?

No kidding. What is it? I’m glad you are reading this article — this information can literally save you thousands of dollars when selling your home.

In 2022, the average home price in the city of Austin is slightly above $500,000 and most real estate brokers are charging over $30,000 (6%) to sell a home. That’s a lot of money. This is why taking a moment to learn about a flat fee MLS listing is well worth your time. 

Generally speaking, flat fee MLS can have two definitions:

Full Service

A full service flat fee MLS listing is similar to hiring a 6% real estate agent to list and sell your home — just without the high cost. You are hiring a licensed real estate agent to represent you and handle all aspects of selling your home.

A La Carte MLS Listing

You can pay just for the flat fee MLS listing (without real estate broker representation) and you do the other work on your own needed to market, show, negotiate, and sell your home. This type of DIY MLS advertising tool will get your home in front of thousands of buyers and agents.

Best Fit For You

If you are experienced in selling several properties and have the time, an a la carte MLS listing can be a great option for you — don’t believe all of the propaganda circulating online about the “pitfalls” of selling by owner. The truth is selling a home is not difficult. With the right tools, experience, and time, you too can successfully sell a home on your own.

On the flip side, if you have limited real estate sales experience and are limited on time, the full service flat fee MLS listing is probably the best fit for you. Flat fee listings provide the same hands-on services people expect from a full service 6% agent, but at a much lower cost. The other benefit of using a flat fee service is you know exactly what you will be charged to list your home for sale (unlike the percentage based commission fee). For example, our team lists and sells homes in the Austin area for a flat fee of $4,995…to put it another way, most of our clients save about 50% in listing commission fees. Let’s just say, we have very happy clients.

Each time you sell using the old 6% listing model, you are giving up thousands of dollars in home equity. Learn more about our flat fee listing service for the Austin area.


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